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released January 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Trench Gun Tapes Greenville, South Carolina

TGT is a one man music label based in South Carolina in the United States. I like to release collectibles and tapes. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy some music!

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Track Name: Just Laugh
All this too soon shall pass.

Fuck it.

Just laugh.
Track Name: Freedom is an Emotion
You are not free
You're a slave to men and invisible gods
Shrouded in mystery
To keep you from seeing
You're just a pawn

Slaves to the dollar
Slaves to the state
Slaves to the churches
This is your fate

I'm no genius but I can still see that my mind is the only place I'll ever be free
Track Name: Blood Drunk
Blood drunk
Grab your guns
Blood drunk
Blood drunk
Holy shit
Blood drunk
This is it

This world is far too dull for me
Lets manufacture enemies
I need more meaning in my life
My acts stand justified


I need blood
Let's hunt em all down

My fortress is no longer sound

Can't you hear them
Coming for me?
I'm far too young to really bleed

Track Name: Fuck Protocol
I think we can all agree on what your kid really needs

Fuck protocol
Don't give a fuck
Slap that kid in the mouth
Track Name: Evangepunk
Is this a concert or a fucking pulpit?
If you wanna preach do it in your music

Fuck your causes
Fuck your pamphlets
Fuck your bullshit
I can't stand it

Will your sermon ever end?
I came here to party and hang out with friends

You're taking this way beyond conversation
Can't you understand my frustration?

When I'm at a show the last thing I want is to listen to a stuck up Evangepunk
Track Name: D.G.M.I.L.F.
I hated her when she was alive
That dried up bitter old cunt

Now that wrinkly bitch is fucking dead
But I still want my revenge

With a shovel in hand and a smile on my face
I'm gonna fuck this bitch from beyond the grave
Track Name: Chihuahua
Not a dog
It's a rat
Kick it's ass
Track Name: TITS
I don't wanna be on Rolling Stone
I don't wanna be on MTV
I don't wanna write any damn love songs
All of that shit's meaningless to me

Verse chorus verse bridge chorus till fade
The same tired format is so fucking lame
Pop country radio-rock it's all the damn same
Universal monopolized then overplayed

Who needs talent when you've got tits
or a catalogue of macho tough guy bullshit
Just keep chugging that open riff
Add a pinch harmonic they love that shit

Keep your flashy car
Keep your rising debt
Keep you fucking A&R out of my face
I don't believe him

Track Name: Vaginal Guillo-Teen
I want you gone

Can't go on
Same old song

Like that used tampon in the trash
You're not welcome here
Track Name: Domestic Terrorist
Domestic terrorist
Corporate sponsored piece of shit
Domestic terrorist
Serve and protect only the rich

Army of drones
Little blue men
Attacking the helpless
Time and again

Soulless shit
Choke on your pepper spray and rubber bullets

Domestic terrorist
Kill all pigs no exceptions
Domestic terrorist
All cops are bastards and worthless
Track Name: F.Y.G.D.
I won't kiss your ass
I'll say what I want
No one has changed since high school lunch
The freak flag is high and so am I
We can't be stopped but you're gonna try so

Fuck you go die
x 4
Track Name: Get High Motherfucker
Another day another son of a bitch
The struggles within and day to day bullshit
Always at work and always broke
Living for days off to drink and smoke

People will judge and create laws
Put up cameras to control us all
Prohibition didn't work for alcohol
What's right for some isn't right for all

Get fucked get drunk get high motherfucker
x 2

Roll it up
Knock a few back
Go to an orgy just don't be a dumbass

Pour up another cold shot because today could be the last you'be got so

Get fucked get drunk get high motherfucker
x 2
Track Name: I Sampled Your YouTube Video (Deal With It)
"This is a serious business"
"Don't you undermine my art"
But you just sit on your ass and smoke cigarettes
You don't even make an interesting whore

Fuck off and die
x 4

Fuck off
Track Name: Someone's Whore
Working too hard for too little pay
What disappointment can I expect today
Wake up depressed
Come home full of rage
All this and more for minimum wage cause

We're all expected to be someone's whore
x 2

They'll give you just enough to make you need more
Just enough to keep you walking through the door
Never mind the problems that you have
You're here to serve an old rich white man cause

We're all expected to be someone's whore
x 2

They'll use you up till nothings left
Maybe even take you till your final breath

No longer human
Just a cog
and the owner of the company is your new god cause

We're all expected to be someone's whore
x 2